Supporting You

We offer specialised support with adults with diverse and various care and support needs; to assist in you having a fulfilled life with increased independence.

How we deliver the support will be a working partnership with you and/or your chosen networks around you. The aim is to ensure that our support is driven by your aspirations/needs, and that these goals are paramount to the type of support that is provided.

Supporting You

Our Process

We will respond to enquiries within 3 working days to discuss your information and if requested, we will arrange an initial meeting with you; to ascertain what goals you wish to achieve and an idea on how these can be accomplished.

We will ask you information about you, your needs, (this could include any health/personal circumstances) and a discussion on how we consider our service could assist you; with no obligations for you to advise of your decision at the time of the meeting.

The Next Step

If we consider that we are unable to meet your needs, our specialist team will be able to signpost you to more relevant services (if available) in your area.

We offer a week's cooling off period for you to consider our proposal to enable you to reach your goals. With your agreement we give you a courtesy call; to ascertain your views regarding the support that we proposed at your initial meeting could offer.

Supporting You

Independence Plan

If you decide that you wish to purchase our service, we work meticulously with you, to devise a comprehensive, jargon free, Independence support plan, which we will review with you initially within the first two weeks of your care package commencing. If all is is going well, we will review your Independence support plan at least every 6-8 weeks .