Our Approach

Our Coronavirus contingency continues to adhere to the Government's 2 metre social distancing at all times, with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This ensures the protection of our customers, staff and members of the public.

Our service acknowledges that everyone is different and that what one client may consider to be an important goal towards furthering their independence, may differ significantly from others.

We have an ethos of ensuring that any care and support is tailored to your individual needs. To achieve this, we take time to get to know you and put your preferences at the centre of everything we do. You are in control of every element of your care and support, where appropriate. We empower you to live the way you want

Our Approach

Meeting Your Goals

We understand that our client's will have differing needs and abilities and therefore will ensure that your care/support plan is reviewed every three months. The aim is ensure that your progress does not become stagnant, and that our service is meeting your goals; towards independence.

Our service is a working partnership between you and us.


When working with other statutory agencies such as Social Services, Mental Health, Learning Disability, GP's, Housing Departments, Employment Agencies and other charities such as National Autism Service, we aim to work in partnership (with your consent); to ensure that we have considered all aspects of your needs, and access specialist support when required. Working in partnership with you, your support network and other organisations will assist by piecing together all elements of your life/needs; to enable a robust and effect care package to move towards independence.

Our Approach

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a large part of our work, where we continually review with you and other organisations how we are doing (in regards to desired outcomes agreed and devised in your care plan). Reviews of the quality of work is undertaken every three months. As a registered provider with The Care Quality Commission (CQC), our service will continue to adhere to their policy and guidance; thus ensuring first class service to you, our customers.