We are a newly established company that is looking for a wealth of experience and commitment when working with our clients.

We offer mentoring and support for Adults with learning disabilities/difficulties, Asperger's and associated needs. This includes communication difficulties, autism, epilepsy, mental health and physical disabilities.

Promoting Independence South West works and promotes Strengths Based and Person-Centred approaches; to mentor/support our clients to reach their potential and to live their lives to the fullest. We specialise in working with our clients, their support networks and other statutory, voluntary and charity sectors.

We are now recruiting full time Mentor Co-ordinators. This post is not a carers role that 'do for people'. Our expectation is that as a member of our team you will be able to demonstrate excellent communication and mentoring skills, with the value base of respect, congruence and honesty and ultimately the acceptance of difference. What one person may desire when considering their independence may differ significantly from another, therefore, being able to respect this is paramount in our practice and work.

Our practice will include undertaking initial assessments of individual's needs/requirements, and the ability to ascertain and balance risk, and how this can be managed when mentoring/supporting our customer's is an required skill. Being able to work under one's own initiative and to accurately record outcomes and daily plans are also essential.

So what will we offer...

We will offer a two week intensive induction package, which will consist of undertaking mandatory training such as understanding legislations such as The Care Act 2014, The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and The Human Rights Act 1998, as well as understanding the Safeguarding Process, Health & Safety and bespoke training in Autism, Mental Health etc. Our expectation will be that all Mentor Co-Ordinators will undertake at least NVQ2 & NVQ3 within a two year period (after the anniversary of your first year of working with the service). Our service is learning environment; which promotes specialism whilst also reducing the risks of our practice becoming out of date and not promoting the independence for our clients.

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