Our Coronavirus contingency continues to adhere to the Government's 2 metre social distancing at all times, with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This ensures the protection of our customers, staff and members of the public.

As our service promotes independence, our tariffs reflect the level of need, risk and complexity of the support being provided.
Our Tariffs are banded 1-3 and are reviewed with you every three months; to ascertain if the agreed goals, are achieved (or on track to be achieved).

We aim to work with you to achieve your desired goals through agreed action plans.

This banding reflects a higher level of support required, in order for you to achieve your goals safely and independently at home and/or when out in the community. For example, individuals who are wheelchair users, those with significant cognitive and/or physical impairments (who require our service to ensure their safety due to limited, to no understanding of their safety and the potential hazards in all environments). These individuals may also require support with managing elements of their personal care.

Band 1 hourly rate


This banding reflects a moderate level of support required, when out in the community and within your home. Individuals with some level of understanding of their home environment and community, with moderate cognition and/or physical impairments would meet the criteria within this banding. Support is required to prompt individuals with understanding the potential risks in all environments. Minimal support (prompts) with managing elements of their personal care is provided.

Band 2 hourly rate


This banding reflect a low level of support required, with individuals in all environments. Individuals have an understanding of their home and community, and have no to low cognition and/or physical impairments. Support is provided with offering mentoring, guidance and reassurance with individuals to achieve their desired goals. No support for managing personal care is provided. .

Band 3 hourly rate